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Flight Options

Why The Boston Group chose Alliance

The Boston Group’s client, Flight Options, is a private-jet service that offers fractional ownership and leasing programs to its customers. To highlight these programs, which are among the most popular and fastest growing in the industry, The Boston Group teamed up with Alliance to produce a high-end marketing package featuring a boxed folder containing Flight Option’s corporate brochure and multiple profiles of the services it offers.

One of the benefits The Boston Group find when working with Alliance begins during the development phase of a project, particularly if the project requires packaging. Alliance has the internal capability to concept the construction of materials such as the boxed folder produced for Flight Options. Finished comprehensive prototypes of the boxed folder were presented to The Boston Group, modified and ultimately developed into templates by Alliance for final production.

This complex packaging project demonstrates once more that Alliance is a print management group that welcomes the opportunity to participate in the development of ideas, assuring that they fly right.

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Hawker Beechcraft

Why The Boston Group Chose Alliance

The Boston Group’s client, Hawker Beechcraft, was launching its new brand identity after acquiring Raytheon’s aircraft manufacturing business. The assignment was to produce a comprehensive investor’s package for a presentation scheduled three weeks from the date Alliance was given the project.

The investor’s package included three landscaped brochures, one featuring Hawker Beechcraft’s products and people, a second showing their facilities, and a third outlining the Company’s brand and market positioning. To cap it off, the brochures were presented in an engraved metal box wrapped with a branded metallic bellyband.

The three weeks that Alliance was asked to complete the project, a timeframe that included Labor Day weekend, was one of the more challenging and successful efforts undertaken by The Boston Group. Alliance’s management of the project demonstrated total commitment to their client’s needs under an extremely tight deadline. All in all, it was a high-speed adventure that The Boston Group and Hawker Beechcraft would gladly embark on again with Alliance.






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New Balance

Why New Balance Alliance chose

Sadly, Mr. Havashi, the president of the Japanese division of New Balance, had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Out of respect, the Company decided to manufacture two custom pairs of running shoes personalized for Mr. Havashi. New Balance commissioned Alliance to produce the display cases for the shoes, one of which was to be displayed at the Japanese New Balance Headquarters, and the other presented to Mr. Havashi’s family.

With only five working days, the Alliance team designed an acrylic topped display with a wooden base onto which was attached a simple brass plaque. Both cases were delivered to executives at New Balance in Canton, MA, and then flown via private jet in time for the ceremonies. As special as this assignment was, it is the type of service clients receive regularly from Alliance.

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Performance Motion Devices

Why Performance Motion Devices chose Alliance

Performance Motion Devices (PMD) produces high-end motion control products for design engineers. The company needed 50 top quality packages for their field reps to take on sales calls. PMD’s Chief Marketing Officer wanted the chip to be presented in a package that had the finish and durability of an iPhone box. There were no off-the-shelf solutions, so Alliance designed a custom prototype.

The final product was a turned edge, hinged box with a magnetic lid that was flood printed in black, matte film laminated, and then hit with a high gloss foil stamp to show off the extreme contrast between the copy and logo, and the overall matte finish. The box’s insert was constructed of layers of black chip, with the final level die-cut to the shape of the chip, creating a well that would house the chip. A custom job was called for, and Alliance delivered it.

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Boston Group Portfolio

Why The Boston Group chose Alliance

The Boston Group’s client, Raytheon, often has various types of interior branding assignments that need to be carried out. They range from the installation of hallway display graphics directly imaged onto plexiglass, and the mounting of brushed metal lettering to walls, to the application of vinyl lettering onto glass.

Alliance is frequently brought into the development, production and installation phases of these assignments to manage brand integrity, and to ensure The Boston Group’s floor plans are executed with precision at each and every stage of the process.

While Alliance’s core competencies center around the print management of collateral, packaging and large format graphics, its diverse knowledge in areas such as building branding adds significant value when its clients’ require a partner with capabilities that extend beyond the norm.

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Dylax Portfolio

Why Dyax chose Alliance

Dyax is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of novel biotherapeutics for unmet medical needs. Its work is crucial, and like all drug companies, its products must go through a stringent FDA development and approval process to ensure safety and effectiveness.

The Company’s marketing materials also must meet high standards of quality and accuracy. Which is why Dyax turns to Alliance to help manage its print projects. In this role, Alliance has assisted Dyax with the production of various product and compliance manuals. It also helped create a desktop display that makes it easier for Dyax to promote its complex offerings at conferences.

Excellent quality, innovative thinking, first-rate customer service and competitive pricing are all reasons cited by Dyax for choosing Alliance to be its print management partner.

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Harvard Portfolio

Why Harvard Pilgrim chose Alliance

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care has been ranked the #1 private health plan in America for nine years in a row for service and clinical quality, according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and its brand is deeply rooted in the concept of partnership and service. Harvard Pilgrim’s Corporate Communications director asserts that the Alliance Print Group shares these values, and has consistently demonstrated them throughout their decade-long partnership.

Alliance helps Harvard Pilgrim remain on budget and meet deadlines, while providing exceptional levels of service and attention. The Alliance team also assists in the evaluation of print vendors and new technologies, enabling Harvard Pilgrim to stay competitive with the market. The relationship is so special that everyone in Harvard Pilgrim’s Corporate Communications Department views the Alliance team as an extension of its department.

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